The Gift That Lasts:
A Legacy Live Oak planted in honor of your friend or family member.

Live Oaks draped in Spanish Moss are one of the enduring images that encapsulates Edisto’s beauty. Massive Live Oaks once lined nearly all of the public road running through Edisto Island. The Edisto Island Open Land Trust’s vision is to restore the majestic Live Oak canopy that once enveloped the historic King’s Highway before the paving of Highway 174. The Legacy Live Oak program provides a way to honor family and friends while contributing to Edisto’s scenic beauty. With a contribution of $500 a Legacy Live Oak tree can be planted at the location of your choice on Edisto Island in honor of a loved one.

Over 140 Legacy Live Oak trees have been planted along Scenic Highway 174, from the Dawhoo Bridge down to Fishing Creek. The program has been so successful that we have exhausted feasible planting locations along our National Scenic Byway. So we are asking new donors to choose a spot on their own land for us to plant their tree. The Edisto Island Open Land Trust maintains the trees along the highway to ensure that they prosper in their new permanent home. Over the years, these trees will grow to create a magnificent green buffer, similar to the historic canopy that we see today along many of Edisto’s roads. This is a lasting way to honor those who give meaning to our lives, while perpetuating a legacy for the future.

Each Legacy Live Oak donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Each donor’s gift will be recognized in Edisto Island Open Land Trust publications and honorees’ names are listed on the monument at the Edisto Island Open Land Trust’s Legacy Live Oak Memorial Park.

Legacy Live Oak Honorees

Robert Albenesius
Dr. Jack & Cherry Allen
Robert Coachman Allston
William Wilkinson Allston
Alston Calhoun Badger, Jr.
Edward Bailey
Gale Johnson Belser
Gretchen Howell Belser
Ritchie Hugh Belser, MD
Mrs. John D. Belton
Patricia Y. Boineau
Caroline C. Boineau
Margaret C. Bost
B.L. Bost, Jr.
Marjorie McDaniel Brailsford
Mrs. T.E. Brittingham
Ralph C. Brown
Ed & “B” Buddin
Jack Burch
Cork Caldwell
John Francis Callahan
Thomas Patrick Callahan
Janice Diane Callahan
Sean Anthony Callahan
Chuck & Laura Callahan
Maggie Campbell
Mary Alden Carrison
Florence Y. Cole
Myrtice Marie Collins
M. Dawes Cooke
Ashleigh Cutler
Margaret Hiott Culpepper Davis
Donald D. Dodge
Gertude H. Dodge
Henry H. Dorn, Jr.
Eula Jernigan Downs
Morton Edwards
Governor James B. Edwards
Sarah Belser Eggleston
Fickling & Martin Families
Lewis Heyward Fort
Jeffrey Scott Fripp
Paul Michael Fripp
Dr. Ralsa M. Fuller
Leon Garber
Carroll Belser & Sid Gauthreaux
Ernest David Gibbons
Abel M. Girault
Wesley Glick
Beatrice Glick
Mrs. Susan Price Goode
William S. Goode
George & Gladys Gould
Pauline Tavel Thomas Gross
Mary Ella Hackett
Charles S. Haltiwanger, Jr.
Thelma Haram
Bob and Melinda Hare
Sara K. Harrigal
Ronnie Heath
Nancy Fewell Herrin
Dr. Jim & Jackie Hill
Judith B. Holford
Dr. Paul Holteen
The Hutchinson Family
Steve Hyatt
Juanita & Ken Johns Grandchildren
Jordy & Libba Johnson
Coy & Joanne Johnston
Glen Kinard
E. Clifton Kinder
Ann Luckey King
Florence & Wilbur Kizer
Becky & Ben Lawrence
Jean Riley Lee
Nancy Lester
Eliose Levisen
Malcolm & Mot Little
Gordon Locatis
Juanita Hatchel Banks Long
Harvie & Jennie Lybrand
David L. Lybrand
M. Leigh Inman Macdonald
David Ramsey Martin, Jr.
Mark A. Mattison
Mary Hipp Wilson McCutchen
Florence Ellis McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. T. Hunter McEaddy
Cassandra McGee
Priscilla G. Middleton
I. Jenkins Mikell, Jr.
J.B. Miller
Keith Minnick
Cecile Emma Minnick
Julian Mitchell
Robert M. Moise
Crawford Moore
Debbie Moore
Louise R. Nichols Moore
Be & Jameely Moore
Joseph Jones Moorman
William M. “Buddy” Moredock
Jack Mulleady
Philip E. Myers
Edward & Gwenne Myerson
Danny A. Newton, Jr.
Maxie M. Nunnery
Eilene P. Nunnery
Larry E. Nunnery, Jr.
Larry E. Nunnery, Sr.
David Odom
Thomas (Tommy) B. Padgett, Sr.
Betsy Parker
Alton B. Parker
JoAnne Paty
David Wilson Paul, Jr.
Carla Maria van Hintum Pittelli
Mary M. Ponsell
Chalmers Whithart Poston, Sr.
Jennifer Prestidge
Mrs. John Fulmore Ragsdale
Frances &Cotton Richardson
Samuel D. Roberts
David Louis Rush
Elizabeth Pittman Rush
James Stephen Rush
Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Sallee
Robert, Caroliniana & Jennifer Sandifer
Sidney & Clytie Sayer
Georgina M. Schellino
Philip Sears
Ann Thomas Sherman
Max Douglas Sherrill
Sara Elizabeth Golden Skardon
Earl & Leila Belle Skidmore
E.M. “Bud” Skidmore
Beth Smoak
Donald L. Snyder
Magdalena Snyder
Louise Mildred Soika
Shannon Smith Stuckey
The Studey Sisters
Edwin Belser “Ned” Swan
Bel & deRosset Thompson
Tom & Lucy Tiller
Robert L. Tindall
Donald L. Tipton
Wallace Trowell
Frances Mikell Tupper
William A. Tyler, Jr.
Julie Scruggs Underwood
Henry James Unger
Arthur Manning Unger
Larry & Tana Vanderbilt
Johnnie Walker
Henry LeRoy Walker, Jr.
Miss Eleanor Wilbanks Walter
Fisher C. Walter, Sr.
Charles W. Waring, Jr.
Kenneth W. Wedaman
Sarah K. Wedaman
Thomas Hayne Wedaman, Jr.
Thomas Hayne Wedaman, Sr.
James F. Wenthe
Brenda M. Whitesides
Sara McMillan Whitlock
Genevieve W. Willard
Dr. Charles O. Williams
June H. Williams
Camilla Brailsford Knotts Williams
Ira & Suzanne Woodhead
H. Robert Woods
Mrs. Margaret Douglas Woods
Dr. Curtis Worthington Jr.
Mrs. Floride McDermid Worthington

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