A Triumph for Edisto’s Heritage

We have wonderful news to share!  The $275,000 fundraising goal to fully restore the remainder of the Hutchinson House has been met!  One hundred and fifteen (115) donors came forward to help us reach our challenge match last winter, which got us up to $75,000.  That was a huge accomplishment, but then something even more amazing happened.  We received an anonymous $200,000 donation from an individual who wanted to ensure that we reached our total goal as soon as possible, in order to finish this amazing and important project.

This incredible support is humbling, justifying, and probably should have been anticipated, understanding the passion so many of you have to see this national treasure on Edisto come back to life.  We are truly grateful.  By pairing this $275,000 with the funding from the National Parks Service African American Civil Rights grant awarded to us last year, we have begun the process required to preserve, restore and replicate all aspects of the house as it stood the day Henry carried his bride Rosa over the threshold.

Our amazing team consisting of a Preservation Historian, Architectural Conservator, Structural Engineer, and Architectural firm are all working diligently with our staff and board to compile all the research, develop the preservation plan and complete the structural drawings this spring.   Then we will hand the information off to a preservation contractor to begin the work, as early as this summer.

The Hutchinson House continues to experience one triumph after another.  These recent donations are a stunning example of a shared vision and passion to see this heritage site come back to life for the betterment of everyone who will come in contact with it.

Stay tuned for more details and be sure to follow the progress in person or online at edisto.org.  Next up we will be establishing an endowment campaign to ensure funds will be available in perpetuity for annual maintenance and management.

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